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Friday, August 18, 2023

Be Part of Our Vision to Empower others Against Narcissistic Abuse!

Become an Agent for Social Change by supporting our Crowdfunding Platform.

We are raising seed money to self-publish a Word Puzzle Book that will offer a variety of thought provoking word puzzles to test one's knowledge about Narcissistic Abuse and Toxic Relationships. PLUS! These word puzzles are designed to spark one's interest to learn more about how to recognize, properly respond to and avoid Narcissistic Abusers and Toxic Relationships by those who prey on the unaware, uninformed and most vulnerable for their sadistic pleasure and self-serving needs.

Getting this book into the hands of the public on the international scale is unfortunately costly. And we need outside financial support from individuals as well as business / corporate sector to help offset the many costs getting the final print copy distributed globally.

So if you are a business or an individual wanting to become part of this Social Change Initiative - there are different donation levels available on our Crowdfunding Platform we set up.

We also offer different perks and incentives to those who wish to donate a specific amount to be recognized for supporting this novel initiative to action Positive Social Change on a global level!

To learn more and the different ways your donation will help us launch this publication please visit:

Thank you in advance for your support. To make a donation please visit: 

Friday, May 5, 2023

Boost and Support Your Body's Immunity with Nano-Silver Products!

Delighted to announce that we at RemedyBlox are now the official retailer in Ontario for Canada Nano Silver Immunity Boost & Support Products for adults, kids and also for pets.

  • Nano-Silver Immune Support
  • Nano-Silver Skin Care & Wound Care
  • Nan-Silver Dental & Oral Care
All products are made from natural ingredients and DO NOT contain harmful preservatives, no sulfa, PABBA free, no dyes or artificial flavors. Available are also scent-free lotions and gels for those with scent allergies.
To view the full product line, including DOSAGE & USAGE fact sheet, clinical trials and how to Place your order: Visit us at:

You can also complete your Purchase Order Form (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD) and email it back to us at:

If you reside outside of Ontario Canada - no worries we can also deliver anywhere in Canada, the USA and globally. Just contact us for more information or to answer any questions you might have using the CONTACT US tab on our website.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Excellent Promotional Opportunity for Licensed Private Investigators in Canada and the USA

We're currently updating our 2023 website listing of Private Investigation Firms operating in Canada and the USA who provide the following specialized investigative services on matters dealing with:

  • Abusive / Narcissistic personality types (eg. family, difficult neighbors, toxic workplace)
  • Cheating Spouse and Infidelity
  • Difficult Divorces
  • Challenging Child Custody Cases
  • Children at Risk / Youth watch
  • Elder Abuse / Senior Care Audit
  • Missing Persons
  • Covert Surveillance
  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT )

For those in the private investigation sector who are licensed in Canada or the USA - if you are interested in advertising your specialized investigative services to our vast shared target market audience on our website please <CLICK HERE>   

Or email us directly for ad listing details and our January 2023 early bird rates.

RemedyBlox Receives 2 New 2023 Business Awards

Delighted to share the great news! RemedyBlox has won the Canadian Business Award for 2023 in the category of "Best Practical Harm Prevention & Risk Reduction Education Specialists 2023".

As well as its 2nd Corporate LiveWire Global Award for 2022/2023 in the Category  of  "Situational Risk Mitigation Platforms" of the Year. 

Both of these awards recognize the innovative approaches with which our subject matter experts deliver various public educational programs on a global scale to advance public safety and security to individuals and also the business sector.

Want to thank our entire team for all their hard work to date that earned us this distinct recognition of innovative social risk mitigation educational programs which focus on enhancing one's core capacity to safeguard against various risks, harms and agents of chaos. Way to start the New Year!

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Looking for information related to addiction & recovery, trauma healing, etc?

Free online learning opportunities on topics related to understanding the human psyche, trauma recovery, latest in addiction and recovery research, narcissistic personality disorders and other best practices in mitigating social and situational risks just posted on our website!


Spaces are limited and online preregistration is required. To view the list of UPCOMING events being offered throughout January to March 2022 please visit website at:

You can also visit Mindspring Mental Health Alliance to view their upcoming free online 1 hour webinars at:

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Our website has a new look and more streamlined risk-based services! Risk Based Training & Situational Harm Prevention Services 

Our website has a new design with great new features added, expanded service delivery and a host of resources to help identify and mitigate against various social and situational risk exposures.

On behalf of RemedyBlox - we hope the user friendly design will help you navigate the webpages more easily to find information and supports in these main categories:


  • Behavior Addictions & Recovery Programs
  • Substance Abuse & Recovery Programs


  • Accommodation & Accessibility 
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Youth Disability & Diversity Awareness
  • Emergency Preparedness Guide for People with Disabilities & Special Needs (Publication


  • COVID-19 Pandemic Risk Mitigation
  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP)


  • Scents &  Sensitivities / Allergen Awareness & Accommodation
  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • PTSD / Trauma Recovery


  • Child Safety & Security
  • Domestic Abuse / Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)
  • Elder Abuse
  • Home safety & Security / Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)


  • Deviant Human Behaviors & Personality Disorders (e.g., Narcissism, Sociopathy, Psychopathy)
  • Stalker Survival
  • Toxic People
  • Unhealthy Relationships

All are welcome to visit: to access valuable information, links to resources on our RESOURCE HUB, self-help books posted by specialized categories, articles and services aimed to enhance one's core risk mitigation capacity. (e.g., behavior addiction & recovery, domestic abuse / intimate partner violence prevention, narcissistic personality disorders, stalker safety, elder abuse prevention, toxic family and unhealthy relationships...and so much more.) 

Let us know what you think as we value your input and feedback! 

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Healing the Fractured Psyche

Healing the Fractured Psyche
Understanding the Root Cause of Every Behavior Addiction

15 Bad Reasons to Stay with an Abusive Partner

15 Bad Reasons to Stay with an Abusive Partner
Don't Fool Yourself that the Abuse Will End on Its Own!

Yellow Flags to Watch Out For in an Abusive Partner

Yellow Flags to Watch Out For in an Abusive Partner

Contrast Between YELLOW & RED FLAGS of Abusive Partners

Categories of Abuse

Red Flags of Abusive Behavior

Potentially Problematic

Yellow Flags of Abuse

A need for the relationship to move quickly to next level.

I don't want this date to end.

Whatever your plans are for the rest of the week drop them cause I am taking you out.

I'm all you need so let's start dating exclusively.

We are so perfect together - why waste on time dating and not just move-in together or better yet get married.

I can’t believe we just met yesterday but I feel like I have known you forever.

Call me crazy but I think I am in love with you.

I have never felt this way before with anyone else.

I hate leaving you and I just want to spend every waking moment with you.

You are exactly what I have been looking for to spend the rest of my life with you.

History of family abuse and stereotypical gender views

I got smacked around growing up but that is how kids learn.

The head of the household is in charge and needs to use any means to keep everyone in line.

Sometimes my parents got into it - but who does not fight once in a while.

When Mom got mad and tried to hit Dad it made us laugh cause she was half his size.

Pattern of violence against prior intimate partners without show of remorse or acceptance of any wrongdoings.

My last partner constantly provoked me to the point I had no choice but to strike back.

My exes never appreciated me and just refused to listen.

It drove me insane when my ex constantly pushed all the wrong buttons until I would explode.

My past relationships ended because each of my exes cheated on me where I could not trust them.

You are nothing like my previous partner.

I don't believe you would ever provoke me on purpose.

I'm guilty of loving others too much which causes me to do silly things.

Lack of empathy

Oh stop your whimpering already - or I will give you something to cry about.

You're such a drama queen no wonder no one takes you seriously.

Who cares what you want.

I did not realize you are so sensitive about things.

You're such a delicate flower which is why I love you so much.

This hurt me more than you.

Excessive jealousy and


Where the hell have you been and what were you doing that prevented you from answering my call?

Don't you ever lie to me about where you are or with whom cause I always will find out.

I need you to always tell me where you will be at all times.

I better not find you meeting up with someone behind my back.

I will kill you if I find out you ever cheated on me.

You mean so much to me and I don't want anything bad happening to you when you are out without me.

You had me so worried sick when you did not respond immediately to my text or call.

Next time could you be a bit more considerate and just let me know that you are safe.

I don't trust some of your friends you hang out with.

Verbal / emotional / mental abuse including gaslighting their partner.

I cannot help it if you are too stupid to remember what I told you.

Who really cares what you think or feel.

Your opinion is worthless.

You are lucky I still bother to put up with someone as pathetic and disgusting as you.

I am the best thing that ever happened to you so don't you ever forget that!

You are so adorable when you get upset.

Aren't you lucky to have me around to always help you figure things out?

I realize sometimes my expectations might be too high but I know you will do better next time to not disappoint me again.

Holding a double standard - being highly critical of others while claiming self-righteous perfection.

My ex was a lazy, lying, cheating piece of work who got exactly what s/he deserved.

No one crosses me unscathed.

Don't worry I know you will try harder next time not to disappoint me.

I realize not everyone is perfect but aren't you glad I am not most people?

Need for isolating partner from external supports (e.g., family, friends, coworkers)

I don't like your family or friends because they are trying to break us up.

No you cannot go unless I can go with you.

Get off the phone and stop telling others about our private affairs.

You better be home when I get back.

Whenever you spend time with your family and friends we always end up fighting.

Don't you think you are old enough to make your own decisions without consulting with others about your problems?

You know I am always here for you to discuss things with.

You got to learn to trust me as I am the only one who has your best interest in mind.

Please cancel your plans I need us to have more one-on-one time to make our relationship stronger.

Exercising control and holding rigid/unrealistic expectations.

I forbid you to go out looking like that.

How dare you buy anything without checking with me first?

You don't get to eat that given you're so fat and ugly.

Would you mind changing as that outfit makes you look so sexy where I'm afraid someone will snatch you up.

How about you just wear that around me cause it gets me hot.

I think you should reconsider what you eat cause I need you to look attractive.

Blaming others for problems

Why are you constantly trying to provoke me?

You know what happens when you make me angry.

Wow you are full of surprises to get that promotion at work.

At my job bosses don't promote someone just on their looks.

Forcible confinement or restraining another person's movement in any way

Don't you dare walk away from me when I am speaking with you!

You better not leave this house while I am out.

I can't trust you so you leave me no choice but to take your car keys, your wallet and phone so you stay put as told.

I can’t have you leave feeling so upset.

Please stay here with me until we work things out.

It is better if I drive you so wait for me until I can come by to get you.

Threats of harm and injury to self and/or others

If I can't have you no one will.

The only way you will ever leave me is in a body bag.

If you ever leave me I will find you and kill you and anyone else who comes between me and you.

You better drop the charges against me or else.

You mean the world to me and I hate myself for hurting you.

You are the reason I get up every morning.

Life would not be worth living if I ever lost you.

I'm gonna kill myself if you don't come back to me.

I'd rather die than live without you.

Monetary Control / Financial Abuse

I am the sole breadwinner in this relationship and you will not have a career or work at a job.

How dare you buy something without checking with me first.

Your partner destroys or throws out something you bought.

You are not allowed to have a bank account, credit cards in your name, nor are you listed as a co-owner on any joint assets (e.g., family home, car, business, etc.)

You are given an allowance only when deemed worthy of it and must account for every nickel spent.

You do not get a say on how any money can be spent or invested.

I just want to take care of you so you don't have to work.

We should consult one another before buying anything to avoid straying from the budget.

It might be best if I just handled all of the household finances - that way you can focus all your time on other things that make you happy.

Let me do all the shopping as I really have a knack for buying quality items at the best price.

If you ever want to buy something just let me know and I will get it for you.

Never Settle for an Abusive Relationship

Never Settle for an Abusive Relationship
Be Fearless in Protecting Yourself Against Anyone Seeking to Control or Harm You